Tantric Massage Sydney

Massage with bodies largest sexual organ


A sensual, erotic massage that uses the bodies largest sexual organ the skin through touch, the senses and an exchange of energy flows to enhance erotic sensation and pleasure. No two Tantra massages are alike, each masseuse is unique in her way, as is each client.

Aromatic oils, candles, mood enhancing music, and a light touch designed for you to surrender to pleasure. Using slow, sinuous movements your masseuse will use her body, her hands, breath and a variety of props such as feathers, silk and fabrics to caress and stimulate your erotic zones. She will massage every part of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, creating a connection between you both so that you become totally relaxed and enter that blissful state.

So how should you spend your Tantric Massage then?

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now to make your pleasure with sexy bunny arrangements.