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Svetlana is our very own Russian royalty. With her flawless complexion, her long, long blonde hair, her sensuously curvy size 12 figure and her perfect DD cup breasts, she is a commanding presence in a room who is impossible to overlook.

This girl has got it all, looks, body and a will to please. Passionate kissing is what I like and she delivers every time, and it doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous! - Dan


By nature, Svetlana is an extrovert, a born entertainer, who has done many entertaining performances around the world, including having been a gymnast....which has helped her keep her mind and body fit, toned and supple. And with her vivacious and open personality, combined with her heavily accented English....her true knack for entertainment transfers extremely well to the bedroom.

Of all the clients that Svetlana has had, she is quick to tell us that escorting is one of her favourites, as it marries well with her very high libido. And while she adores men and what they can do in the bedroom, with a twinkle in her eye she's quick to let us know that she's not against the occasional same sex dalliance.

Svetlana is an adventurous and experimental lady who is not averse to trying new things at least once. As such, she can be the most perfect and discreet lady in public, but once in the bedroom it's a whole new story as she becomes an insatiable and dominant sexual siren, who's limits know few boundaries.

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Perfect For: 1 Lady 2 Gents; 1 Gent 2 Ladies; Lesbian Doubles; Fantasy Role Play; Toys; Para Quad clients; Light B&D; Striptease; Swapping

Review: Well they weren't joking when they said insatiable. There was no stopping. Svetlana....and I am eternally grateful. Had an absolutely brilliant time, thanks