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$400 per hour

5’8” - 1.72m


Size 8

Execute your hidden desires, one look into those Big Brown eyes and kissable lips and Ajah will have you spell bound! She has a very sexy and exotic look, but at same time she is soft and sensual. Anyone looking for someone that they can have lots of fun with need look no further than Ajah!

She has a unique and lovely fresh look. Her toned size 8 figure and natural size C cup will drive you crazy.

Jamaican - Chocolate Heaven



$400 per hour

5’8” - 1.72m


Size 12 - 14

Alexandra is the obvious choice for those gentlemen who absolutely love an extremely busty lady. Though you may be left speechless by her amazing proportions (H cup bust!), be sure to spare some time to explore her many other attributes. You will definitely find yourself a big fan by the end of your encounter. Alexandra is the complete package - pretty as a picture...huge, magnificent breasts worthy of celebration... Sweet and shy, anxious to please, just a gorgeous fresh faced young woman.

Russian - Bust From Heaven



$400 per hour

5' – 1.52m


Size 8

I have a petite size 8 figure (33-24-34), soft porcelain skin, the most gorgeous long hair, and a face that often turns heads. My tiny well defined figure is a body made for loving and that is what I like to do best, apart from sharing a quality charming time with a gentleman.

I treat a man as I expect to be treated. If I am treated with respect and kindness, you’ll be treated with nothing else but the best. I am far from selfish and cold, I have a genuine care for people around me and I love to make a man feel really special. I possess an excellent manner and a soft gentle attitude, which often masks a sexually confident drive able to make you feel like the only man alive.

Combined with my genuine and unpretentious nature and passionate personality, making my company memorable, delightful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Indo/Chinese - You’ll realize that I’m more than just a pretty face ....



$400 per hour

5’5″ – 1.66m


Size 10

Despite her tender years, Alsou has left the awkward and gawky stages of puberty and adolescence way behind her.

At only 20 years of age this gorgeous specimen is already comfortable in her womanhood and she seems to exude a quietly confident sexuality.

Her attractive features are a clue to her uncommon ethnic origins – the translucent fair skin, the dark, almond shaped eyes, her perfectly shaped pink cupid bow lips - all these features are some of what makes her kind of beauty stand out from the norm.

Australian / Kazakhstan - a young, attentive and beautiful companion.



$400 per hour

5’5″ – 1.65m


Size 6

Aziza will take your breath away. Prepare to be stunned when you open the door to this radiant beauty, her fit hourglass figure on display in a designer frock.

Blessed with full firm D cup breasts and a round heart shaped bottom, her flawless skin positively glows and her seductive brown eyes will invite your touch and the promise of the sweetest sensual experience of your life.




$400 per hour

5’5” – 1.65m


Size 8

From the British Isles to the sunny shores of Sydney, Belinda has decided to share her adventurous spirit with us.

Never having worked as an Escort didn’t faze her at all, she just jumped in with an enthusiasm that characterizes her entire outlook and personality. Belinda offers a true Girlfriend Experience, passionate and sweet; she only wishes to please so that you feel as special as you deserve to feel.

With a lovely petite size 8 body and pert breasts, exquisite fair skin, short brunette hair and hazel eyes she has an innocent and fresh appeal, although that is not to say she doesn’t have a cheeky and fun loving side to her

British - Escort , will share her adventurous spirit with you



$450 per hour

5'3" - 1.60m


Size 8-10

Look no further than the sweetest Candice, I am a petite platinum blond,

I am 5’1” with fair skin and gorgeous green sparkling eyes, I have a fabulous size 8-10 figure and a jaw dropping C cup bust.

To add to all of that I am brand new to the Industry, love passionate kissing and will go out of my way to please you.

Having only just arrived in Australia I am more than eager to sample the delights of your delicious men, the more the merrier!

English - - Brand New to the Industry



$400 per hour

5’2″ – 1.57m


Size 6-8

Champagne is a seductive babe with innocent eyes and a demure, warm but gentle style. /

She has the charm of a girl-next-door, natural and easy going with a refreshing innocence about her that most women in their early 20’s seem to have lost long ago.

She can be soft and gentle or wild and wicked but most importantly she is there for you totally.

Genuinely open minded and responsive with a healthy curious sexual appetite that will allow you to relax, explore and most importantly ENJOY every moment of your time together.

Eurasian - an intimate and mind blowing experience!



$350 per hour

5'8" (172cms)

D cup

Size 12

Collette is the classic 'girl next door' type of escort with her perfect size 12 figure and her healthy young woman's rounded female body with generous but firm, beautifully toned curves. This Aussie beauty really is a gem - she's well educated, personable, has a broad range of interests and has travelled extensively all of which make her fantastic company and really interesting to spend time with. Collette is one of those rare girls who genuinely love life and we know you will find her youthful enthusiasm contagious.

.Blonde - long, waist length hair. Always dressed to impress and has no inhibition..



$350 per hour

5'7” - 1.70m


Size 10 - 12

My name is Cordelia, a delightfully warm and playful young lady. If you're looking for the company of a sensual and provocative escort in Sydney, look no further. I am thrilled to have caught your interest. In a few words, I would describe myself as a discerning gentleman's treat.

I take pride in offering a memorable encounter filled with lots of passion and attention, as I aim to really personalise every meeting in order to achieve relaxation on both parts. So together, we can find that bond from the inside and enjoy the luxuriance of our findings.

Australian/European - Athletic Busty Student



$350 per hour

5'4" - 1.64m


Size 6-8

Dakota is Dynamite, a petite, bundle of energy, a devil in the bedroom and an angel of seduction. She loves nothing more than to give pleasure and has all the right toys to make your playtime just that little more exciting.

A tiny 5'1"in height she has a perfectly toned size 6-8 body, a beautiful C cup bust, light olive skin, shoulder length brunette hair and sparkling green eyes.

Kiwi - A devil in the bedroom and and angel of seduction



$400 per hour

5'5" - 1.62m

Size 10


Great big soft brown eyes on smooth skin like fine porcelain, framed by long shining golden blonde hair is what you will first see when you look through the peep hole in your door when our lovely Dalia arrives to see you. But when you open the door the sight before you will astound and amaze,as you take in her fabulously fit and toned size 8 - 10 figure and her gorgeous D cup bust.

And that's just while she's at your door, fully dressed..



$400 per hour



Size 10

Bold, bright and outgoing, this delightful blonde European is no shrinking violet. Daria will step into your life and turn it upside down and possibly you with it! She has the body of Venus and the breasts of a goddess, with flawless fair skin, waist length blonde hair, flashing blue eyes, Daria is eye candy personified.

You will not ever forget your liaison with this doll, she will prey on your mind for nights to come.

European - Sensual Blonde Beauty



$400 per hour



Size 10-12

This porcelain ivory skin beauty with cat eyes will entrance you. Eavana has soft red hair that floats around a classically pretty face. With finely honed cheekbones and a serene smile, you'll want to kiss her lush mouth and run your fingers over her delicate shoulders and the sweep of her sleek, sexy back. This lady is intensely feminine but very lustful. Let her firm but curvaceous body along with her sophistication melt in your arms.

Australian - Strawberry Blonde



$350 per hour

5'5" - 1.65m


Size 8

Hi, I'm Ella a 24 year old Australian, with long dark hair, hazel eyes, natural C cup bust all this poured into a size 8 well toned body.

While petite in stature I do have a very large appetite to pander to your desires and wishes. Having an experimental, energetic and passionate nature you will find me the true Romantic in the bedroom or any room you wish.

Australian - Oozing with style and a whole lot of beauty



$400 per hour



Size 10

Direct from Brussels, the very sexy Esmeralda is new to Sydney. She is the kind of tall blonde who is always in style, the one you'll want to spend time with no matter your type. With her long wavy hair, innocent deep green eyes, sleek figure and shapely legs you'll be happy to have this stunning woman on your arm or in your bed.

Belgium - Oozing with style and a whole lot of beauty



$400 per hour




This chestnut haired goddess is such that she will demand your complete attention. You will be amazed by the warmth of her velvet brown eyes in the pale classic beauty of her face. This gorgeous woman is also really hot. She likes to show off her soft, sumptuous curves and perfect milky white breasts in sexy, sheer lingerie. And the way she moves. Just by the way she holds herself it's obvious she was once a professional dancer.

Australian - Oozing with style and a whole lot of beauty



$400 per hour
Size 8
Dark Blonde

With her bright blue eyes and her slim but still curvy body, Harietta is a gorgeous young blonde bombshell whose sexy assets are in perfect proportion to each other. Her young body is toned, fit and trim from athletics and cheerleading and her stylishly cut blonde hair frames her captivating bright smile and the prettiest of youthful faces. This is a young girl who unarguably stands out in a crowd!

Australian/Eastern European - Oozing with style and a whole lot of beauty



$400 per hour

5' 9" 175cm


Size 16

Holissa is a flame haired beauty who has never shied away from putting every inch of her ample assets on display. Why would you? The voluptuous vintage vixen has a stunning 44 inch natural bust with a round bottom with a smooth feminine sweep. Her fine auburn silken hair falls past her shoulders complimenting her soft ivory skin and eyes of deepest green. Apart from her lovely face and curves Holissa is statuesque and years of classical ballet have taught her to hold herself well.

Let Holissa blow your mind!



$400 per hour

5'8" - 172cms

B cup

Size 8-10

Wild ride indeed. Not much else to say - tonight won't be bettered for a very long time. If that's what Polish girls are like.....then book me a ticket to Poland quick smart. Thanks Idabella - it was fun.....!

Idabella is passionate, flexible and smart - she really is an adaptable escort for every occasion.



$400 per hour

5'4" (163cms)


Size 10

Blonde English escort Imi-Jean is a gorgeous new addition to VIP Escorts. This young lady has the kind of British good looks and body that will send your pulse racing: a lovely slim upper body with young girls breasts, and a gorgeously rounded 'booty' that will prove irresistible for those of you out there who like their women with some 'junk in the trunk'....!

Imi-Jean is passionate, flexible and smart - she really is an adaptable escort for every occasion.



$400 per hour



Size 10

Fair of skin, Ingrid is blonde and busty with curvy hips and a nicely rounded bottom. Extremely versatile in her service Ingrid is incredibly open minded and flexible, experimental and adventurous. Practised in fetish and fantasy she will make your dreams come alive, in most ways that you can imagine. Ingrid provides a passionate girlfriend experience, so for a cosy night in she would be the one to call for. If you like a little role play she is perfectly suited to that as well, naughty school girl or French Maid, secretary or school madam, your choices are endless with a girl like Ingrid.

She says she is a lady in public and red hot in the bedroom so you know that you will be well looked after when you call for Ingrid.



$350 per hour

5'10" - 178cms

C-D cup bust

Size 12-14

Jana is a classy, upscale brunette you won't soon forget. Experience her mouth, leaving a trail of kisses on your body from head to toe - and you'll be addicted.

She says she is a lady in public and red hot in the bedroom so you know that you will be well looked after when you call for Jana.



$400 per hour

5'4" – 1.62m


Size 12

Kajol is one of those rare and sensual women who are completely unaware of the intense sexual charisma that they exude.

Despite being only 22 years of age, this young lady is without doubt “all woman” with her soft, generous hourglass curves and her full, gorgeously rounded natural DD cup bust. With her fair, unblemished skin and her large dark eyes dramatically fringed by kohl and thick lashes, this young lady has all the traits that make Indian women some of the most sought after and sexy women in the world.

Indian - brand new to the escort industry..



$350 per hour

5'8 – 1.72m


Size 12

Karie is a curvaceous, warm, sensually attractive lady with sultry smooth chocolate coloured skin, a voluptuous Size 12 figure with a DD bust and silky long dark hair.

She is culturally articulated of Indian background and she enjoys sharing experiences that create a comforting atmosphere; soft, gentle and stylish with a passionate nature.

Karie starts with a short slow strip tease, moving onto an erotic style massage to leave you relaxed and ready for more of her sensual service.

Indian - Karie's availability is limited so bookings are recommended.



$350 per hour

5’2” - 1.57m


Size 6

Kelsy is brand new to Australia and to the industry. A tiny, fun loving brunette from England, she has a lovely svelte size 6 figure with a full C cup bust, fair skin, hazel eyes and silky long dark hair to her waist.

Vivacious and outgoing with a warm and friendly demeanour, Kelsy will set you at ease and take you into her comfort zone. Although fresh, she is enthusiastic, eager to please and willing to satisfy.

English - Slim and Elegent Brunette



$400 per hour

5'7" – 1.70m


Size 8

At only 21 years of age, Kerstin is brand new to the escort industry (but not so innocent, she assures us!).

This young lady is smart, sweet and loves to play – her a gorgeously proportioned body is fit and toned from the gym, and she has heaps of energy to burn.

Kerstin is the stuff that ‘girl next door’ fantasies are made of but so much prettier with her fair skin, classic features and natural blonde hair.

Her unmarked porcelain skin and her lean size 8 figure with a young girls bust are proof of her unmistakable Scandanavian genes.

Australian / Scandanavian - Natural blonde



$350 per hour

5’8” - 1.73m


Size 12

Lanna is one sexy woman! Tall, blonde and beautiful she is a feast for the eyes as well as for the bedroom. Lanna is elegant and sophisticated, sultry and sensual with a definite sense of humour; she has a delightful easygoing personality which is reflected in her beautiful blue/grey eyes when she gazes at you.

She stands a statuesque 173m in height with a curvaceous Size 12 figure and 38C cup bust line, shoulder length blonde hair, fair skin, striking eyes and delicious full lips.

Australian/European - Tall, Sexy Blonde Vixen



$400 per hour

5'5" – 1.65m



Leah is a playful, outgoing and adventurous blonde Australian with Scandinavian background.

She is a curvy size 12-14 with fabulous D cup bust, soulful blue eyes, light olive skin and shoulder length blonde hair.

Open and friendly, Leah is a girl you can definitely have fun with any time of the day or night, she is entertaining and experimental and likes a challenge.

Australian - European - if you have a fantasy of being served by a French maid ......




C Cup

Size 10

Brunette hair

Lira is a passionate lesbian lover, eager to caress every inch of your womanly curves and grant all your innermost desires. This minx is for ladies ONLY! Boasting a wanton and enthusiastic personality, she will fulfil all your emotional, mental and physical needs.




$350 per hour

5'2" - 1.56m

36D - 26 - 36"


Lixina hails from a country known for its hot, wild woman. Women who just ooze sex appeal, self-assurance, hold an open minded attitude and a strong desire. Lixina is no exception!!

5'4" on the outside, 5'10" on the inside .... Lixina holds herself tall, and with confidence. Long golden locks cascading down to the small of her back, the softest sun-kissed skin, big brown eyes and a gorgeous genuine smile.

if you have a fantasy of being served by a French maid ......



$350 per hour



Size 8

Cute, petite and sweet, Logan is a young, warm, and friendly girl, full of enthusiasm.

She is an extremely pretty, sociable party girl with an effortless charm, a lovely toned size 8 figure, full C cup bust line, a dancer’s body with cascading long dark hair and big brown eyes. She is a saucy brunette with a sensitive side, and provides an Girlfriend Experience, with lots of kisses and cuddles.

Australian - Party Girl



$400 per hour

5'9" – 1.76m


Size 8

Luzanah is a woman of distinction; slender, elegant, well travelled and sophisticated. Passionate and open minded she will light your fire and keep it burning for as long as you wish with her Latin sensibilities.

Spanish, attractive and vibrant....



$350 per hour

5'5" – 1.65m


Size 8

With her long straight black hair, her dark brown eyes, and her porcelain skin Maeko looks like a beautiful performer in a Noh Theatre production. She is a petite Asian lady, in her mid 30s, with a fabulous, natural and beautifully proportioned figure and a calm, sweet and gentle nature.

Maeko provides a very intimate and personal full sexual service – treat her nicely and you are sure to well rewarded.

As is her culture, Maeko loves to please her man, and though she has a very quiet and submissive nature, she will lavish you with warmth and affection and her delightful touch will more than stir your senses.

Chinese / Japanese - Fully skilled in the art of lovemaking..



$400 per hour



Size 10

Maggie is a sun-kissed Aussie with a gorgeous body and beachy hair. She has amazing skin, light golden in tone and in combination with her long, thick, ash blonde tresses and startling baby blue eyes, she is a head turner whenever she goes.

Throw that great, warm smile into the mix and you've got a natural beauty who is likely to turn you to jelly on meeting her.
Australian - Fully skilled in the art of lovemaking..



$400 per hour

5'5" (165cms)

DD cup

Size 10

What is 'perfection'? Not easy to answer and considering all the differing points of view on the issue. It seems sensible to admit that 'perfection' is one of those rare descriptive terms that just can't be defined. But on meeting our newest delicious Latina delicacy, we know that you'll agree with us – Marcia is gorgeous and comes pretty damned close to perfection!

This strikingly attractive busty brunette has an...



$350 per hour

5’5”- 165cm


Size 10

Maxima is a sun-kissed Aussie with a gorgeous toned body and beachy hair. She has amazing skin, light golden in tone and in combination with her long, thick, ash blonde tresses and startling baby blue eyes, she is a head turner whenever she goes. Throw that great, warm smile into the mix and you've got a natural beauty who is likely to turn you to jelly on meeting her.

This strikingly attractive busty brunette has an...



$350 per hour

5'2" - 157 cm

DD cup bust

Size 14-16

Platinum blonde

On first sight, Nara looks like a sweet and innocent English rose....but don't be fooled.....she's neither English nor sweet and innocent. With a smile that packs a punch, Nara likes to dress in the finest lingerie for an intimate evening with you.

This strikingly attractive busty brunette has an...



$400 per hour

5'4" – 1.62m


Size 8

Orchid is an attractive, exotic mish-mash of exotic Asian and European bloodlines making her a true example of multinational citizenry on planet Earth in this 21st century.

She is a slim, perfect size 8 figure with a vivacious and outgoing personality. Orchid is one of those lucky young women whose body makes even the plainest and most drab clothing look like ‘haute

couture’, and minx that she is, Orchid knows just how to work it!

Although she is new to the escort industry, she has stepped into the role of being a high class Sydney escort with ease.

Exotic Multinational - This young and well educated woman is lively and playful company.



$350 per hour

5'2" – 1.57m


Size 8-10

Payton is a young Tahitian/Hawaiian beauty; she has a fabulous curvy size 8/10 figure with a D cup bust, gorgeous silky bronze skin and long caramel brown hair, she is an exotic mixture of all the beauties of the South Pacific with bee stung lips, dark almond eyes and a body designed to sway the hula.

Payton is passionate and affectionate, sweet and fun loving; a definite girlfriend experience that will make you feel on top of the world, your pleasure is her goal.

Tahitin / Hawaiin - Prepare to be absolutely awe struck.



$400 per hour



Size 8

Young Portia is a tempting little treat who will bring you to your knees! She looks as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but she will surprise you in all the right ways! Her bubbly personality and outgoing attitude make great company and we are sure that you will adore her.

Portia is a sexy little minx who loves to have fun and she certainly knows how to please. She has a perfect slim and limber body which she will use to your best advantage.

Australian - A Tempting Little Treat



$400 per hour

5'4" - 162cm


Size 14

If you are looking for a young, curvy escort with a warm, gentle, down-to-earth attitude, then look no further than our latest young femme fatale, Rami.

Rami is a sensual, sexual, free-spirited young Australian born, South East Asian enchantress, with a captivating wide-eyed exuberance for everything life has to offer, and an innate ability to make everyone around her feel totally at ease.

Australian / African - And as your eyes work their way down this exotic beauty....



$350 per hour

5 '3- 1.60m
size 6-8

This Australian beauty has long glossy brunette hair, hazel eyes and flawless olive skin. Young, fresh and lovely, Ralyna will brighten your night with her easy, relaxed nature. She is fit and toned, attractive and fun, and is the perfect companion for your intimate encounter.

Naturally affectionate, Ralyna loves to kiss and cuddle, and give a wonderfully relaxing massage. She is proving very popular with clients for her passionate, unhurried service and gorgeous look.

Australianv as your eyes work their way down this exotic beauty....



$350 per hour

5'2" – 1.58m


Size 12

Radisha is one of those gorgeous women of African descent who cannot be compared to her European sisters.

She has those naturally bright eyes that sparkle - sexy, big, beautiful eyes that will grab your attention and pull you in – eyes that don’t need hours of the application of cosmetics.

Her full, swollen lips have never been stung by a beautitian’s collagen fillers – she has lips that will make you want to plant soft sensual kisses upon their natural fullness. Plus this young girl’s skin is healthy, soft, smooth, naturally sun kissed and glows with her good health - and of course it goes without saying that her skin has never needed a tanning salon.

Australian / African - And as your eyes work their way down this exotic beauty....



$350 per hour

5'6" – 1.68m


Size 8

It is the time to let you know about this fantastic Shauna.

This is a woman that knows exactly what she want from this world and she enjoys living so much.

For people who don't have the key to happiness we advise to book this doll! She knows how to seduce, to surprise and make you breathless.

Australian - Shauna is waiting for you and will surely take your breath away..



$350 per hour

5'1” - 1.56m


Size 8

They call me Skye! I am a petite 5’1” size 8, with fair skin; short dark hair, pert 34B cup breasts, and an even perkier derriere.

I am passionate and playful, curious and adventurous, I enjoy giving and receiving sensual pleasures and come to you with an open mind. Role playing is my forte and brings out my creative nature, and love nothing more than dressing up for your entertainment and satisfaction.

Australian - Blue Eyed Beauty



$350 per hour

5'6" - 165cms

C cup bust

Size 8

From quaint little cobblestone villages to dazzling cities, from golden beaches to imposing medieval castles, Portugal has it all - but what it doesn't have is Satarra.

But we do. Luckily. With her olive skin, eyes like pools of molten chocolate, long brunette locks falling gently over her shoulders, and a figure that would make the most even tempered woman's eyes green with envy.

Portuguese - Blue Eyed Beauty



$350 per hour

5'2" - 158cms

32B - 26 - 34

Size 8-10

Hi, I'm Talina, a pretty, chestnut brunette with light blue-eyes, always a strikingly gorgeous contrast, as well as the palest smooth skin. I have a nice, slim, size 10 figure with firm, sensitive, medium size breasts.

Blue Eyed Beauty



$350 per hour

5'7" – 1.70m


Size 10

Long honey blonde hair, blue green eyes like the shallows of the ocean, skin smooth and fair as fine alabaster, perfectly perky C cup breasts and a beautiful size 10 figure – as though you have stepped back in time, Valerie exudes an elegance and beauty rarely seen in the modern woman.

Valerie carries herself with an easy confidence that shows off her stunning figure, but somehow keeps you wondering. You won’t find any better way to while away the hours than to spend time with this lady – Valerie is brilliant company.



$350 per hour

5' - 152cms


Size 6-8

With long hair like rich dark chocolate cascading over her shoulders and lightly caressing her perfect B cup breasts, this petite 5-foot tall size 6 is a beauty to behold. Her delicate Oriental features, perfect soft as silk skin, and twinkling smile ensure that just one look from this little lady will have you weak at the knees.

A slightly wicked little bundle of sinful innocence, our little Oriental temptress is sure to take you on a wild ride of ecstasy as she slides her fabulously maintained and toned body on yours and wraps those exquisitely shaped legs around you.