Princess Of Erotica

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I was in dire need of de-stressing and I know the best way of relieving tension is with sex. I booked myself an escort, turned the lights down low and put the champagne to chill. When my stress relief arrived she was a real stunner – long blonde hair, gorgeous curvy figure and perfectly sized heaven to fondle breasts. Before I could say “sexy” I was naked in the spa, sipping champagne as we got to know each other a little better – if you know what I mean! I was swept away in a wave of erotica as we bathed. We soon found our way to the bedroom where I was…..OMG…. She took total control of me, mounted me and took me inside her. Every last bit of stress and tension melted away as I came in a long shuddering gasp. My Princess of Erotica – better than a valium any day! - Marty


From Russia With Love

I traded the snow shoes of Russia for the surf boards of Manly - if you're manly as well, let's ride together on waves of pleasure far out to sea where the mermaids dream. My beautiful, petite, athletic body, silky blonde hair and an eye for adventure can move like the waves to carry you to far realms of pleasure. Sex is the art - sex is the key - will you travel there with me?

When I modelled in Paris and trod the catwalks of New York & Las Vegas, they wrote beautiful things about me in the newspapers. They said I move with the sensuality of a tiger and invoke steamy passions - but they could never see what was inside my soul.

How could they know of my sense of adventure that is always longing to break out? - longing to be part of the exciting, bustling nightlife and searching - always searching for that special new experience with someone who knows how to enjoy it. Some might call it "unusual"- I call it "exciting!" Is that you? Are you that special person who is ready to be my Prince and introduce me to something new? I'm untied from the bonds of convention and I'm ready to enjoy!

Please claim me my Prince. I'm ready to fly with those brave enough to reach for the sky and be transported to a magical world of unique encounters. To book the princess call us now.