Busty Pleasure Dolls in Sydney

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Ever wanted a no mess no fuss approach to having a lady? Ever had the anxiety attached to booking an Escort? Then look no further than our Pleasure Doll option. She is pliable and only there to please without any of the bother of conversation or seduction. She is there for one thing, and that is your pleasure. You will have the convenience of having delivered to your door without the inconvenience of what to do with her after your night!

Let your imagination run wild with the scenarios you can create with your Pleasure Doll. She is completely at your disposal to do as you desire and there are no boundaries to be overstepped or manners to be considered. Maybe you have had fantasies that you think telling another person would make you seem too perverse? Not with the Pleasure doll, she is 100% there to fulfil the wildest cravings you have and delight in your desire.

With her silky-smooth life-like silicon perfection and her flawless shape, your Pleasure Doll has all the attributes and hourglass curves of a beautiful woman. Her strikingly realistic features are from the top of her head to her perfectly manicured toes. Her breasts and bottom are in perfect proportion; it really is remarkable how authentic she looks and feels. Just think of all the positions you can try! Only repositioning when you dictate.

Our driver will discreetly manage the drop-off and pick up of the Pleasure Doll easily and with the utmost diplomacy. So, don't hesitate! Try something new and exciting today, don't delay.

Our beautiful Sex Dolls are blessed with meticulously sculpted faces and have jaw dropping bodies to match. Just call 8284 4955 or 0410 051116 for your exciting rendezvous.