Nice and Icy Massage Sydney

Massage with Hot Oil and Ice


Looking for something a little bit different? Something with a bit of oomph?

Remember how much you liked icy poles when you were a kid?

Remember the brain freeze? Well, imagine transferring that intensity to elsewhere. When you book a massage with one of our lovely masseuses or masseurs, make sure the freezer is stocked up with some sexy ice....that's normal ice.....but after tonight you are going to look at it a whole new way.

When your masseuse arrives, she will set the mood with lighting and music and spend some time warming you and relaxing you with her hands and her body. With the help of special warming oils, she will make your body hot and super responsive. And just when you have reached a rather blissful state she will change courses.

With the ice between her lips, your fabulous masseuse will trace a chilly line all over your warm body, following it with her fingertips, from your chest all the way down....chilling, thrilling and teasing....heightening your pleasure.

And then, just when you think you can't stand anymore, your masseuse will give you the most fabulous happy ending. The switch between hot and cold is sure to give you the most mind-blowing experience you can imagine.

So how should you spend your Nice and Icy Massage with Hot Oil and Ice then?

Just call us on (02 8284 4955) or mobile 0410 051 116
now to make your pleasure with sexy bunny arrangements.

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