Chocolate Aphrodisiac Massage in Sydney

An aphrodisiac massage is not a therapeutic massage but a sensual and erotic encounter employing warm hands, tender strokes, scented oils, candles and soft music for ambience.

Aromatic massage oils and body to body contact arouse and intensify the experience which will increase your libido and sense of well-being. Try some dark cacao, feed it to each other to set off your "love chemicals" before you embark on your sensual journey of discovery. Chocolate warming oils will stimulate your sensitivity to the atmosphere you are enjoying at the hands of your chosen masseuse. They say the greatest aphrodisiac is located between your ears, and once the mood is set, just the anticipation should have your pulse racing and body aroused.

The slow rhythm of an erotic slide, the magic of two bodies stirring each other, the explosive and incredibly satisfying ending all adds up to one transcendent occurrence.

So how should you spend your Aphrodisiac Chocolate Massage then?

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now to make your pleasure with sexy bunny arrangements.

Red wine glass and chocolate with sex gesture