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With her tall frame, curvy size 14 figure and her magnificent DD cup bust, Anda is a naturally striking young Australian woman. She is a lady who carries herself with confidence and a naturally alluring manner - attributes that highlight and add to the charismatic, attractive and sexually alluring girl that she is.

Courtesy of her Eastern European heritage, Anda has clear, fair, alabaster skin and deep green eyes that sometimes appear to twinkle with humour, whilst at other times revealing her sexual desire, all depending on her mood. She is blessed with long thick, dark brown, smooth glossy hair, an indicator of her good health and well-being.

Anda is the girl next door that you hotly fantasised about whilst you were growing up. That all-woman so-sexy figure of hers and the way that her hips sway as she walks with that long-legged stride of hers, that warm feeling in your groin when she fastens those magnetic, ‘come hither’ eyes upon you…. This young woman is one of those desirable girls that are completely unaware of the sexual effect that they have on both men and women as they move through our lives…. Is it possible that she really is unaware of just how hot and desirable she is and of the effect she has on you?

To answer these questions, call one of the reception staff for a booking with Anda, and just maybe you’ll find some answers.

Perfect For: GFE, erotic massage, party clients, dinner outings, bucks nights, very experienced masseuse, passionate bookings

Extras: Kissing, Natural french, toys, striptease (not for bucks nights), swapping, dress ups