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Well thats it then. I am officially ruined for all other girls, or should I say women.

Just spent some quality time with a young lady called Trina and holy crap. She is drop dead gorgeous, in fact, she wouldn’t look out of place with a couple of staples in her middle....cos she looks a lot like a Playboy centrefold.

There wasn’t really too much time for chat, but thats ok – I can chat to girls in bars. I was here for the action, and action is precisely what I got. But just between you and me....I don’t think it was completely one sided....Trina looked a lot like she was enjoying herself too.

Trina and I explored positions and angles I didn’t think were possible outside of a contortionist in a circus, and when I completely recover I WILL be back for more. Nice one Trina.


Trina is one of those women with such a genuinely powerful sex drive that it can be a job in itself to keep it sated!

This young girl does have a healthy attitude towards sex and her own sexuality though and this liberated outlook has led her to manage and merge two very important issues in her life - her libido and the need to make a healthy living, with just one solution: the escort industry.

This young Australian girl’s company is a lot of fun and her conversation surprisingly well rounded and intelligent. She coyly admits to being on an eternal search, seeking sexual partners with whom to not only test the limits of her endurance but to also stretch her carnal imagination with!

Trina is no ‘diamond in the rough’. She is an exceptionally attractive fair skinned brunette, with a gorgeous busty and curvy but still slim body that wouldn’t be out of place in the centrefold of ‘Penthouse’.

Perfect For: Clients with disabilities, dinner outings, overnight bookings, excellent erotic massage, swingers clubs, great girlfriend experience, intense passionate experiences……

Extras: 1 gent/ 2 ladies, 2 gents / 1 lady, lady to lady, lesbian doubles, anal sex (at her discretion), natural oral (at her discretion), receive oral, passionate kissing, threesomes with couples, sex toys, golden showers, light B&D, porn star experience, fantasies…..