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Well for heaven's sakes. Really?? I'm exhausted after just one hour with Taj and we certainly didn't get through 100 positions! Looks like I'm gonna have to make a standing arrangement till we do them all! Can't wait - sounds like loads of fun! :)p>


Taj is every bit as breathtaking as India and her natural beauties - did someone say natural beauties? Taj has a pair of the most magnificent D cup natural beauties you've ever seen. And with eyes that shimmer like the waters of India's stunning beaches and the passion of a wild jungle cat, Taj is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing..

.Taj is something special to be experienced and you will be instantly captivated by her, and just when you think you have unravelled one of India's greatest secrets, you will discover that she has a couple of more tricks up her sleeve. Remember, Taj's ancestors gave us the Kama Sutra, and about 100 positions in which to enjoy sex. Probably you won't see them all in one night - but Taj will definitely make your night LOTS of fun.

So for your chance to start ticking of Kama Sutra positions call our friendly receptionists on (02) 8284 4955 or 0410 051116 to organise your special time with TAJ p>

Perfect For: FOR: Receive oral; Swapping; Passionate; Tongue kissing; Para/Quad; Party Clients; Striptease; Toys; GFE