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Wow! I’ve got to take my hat off to this girl, we had one of the best nights I’ve ever had with an escort (and I’ve used many, many escorts!).

I’ve always kept my experiences with escorts private and behind closed doors, but after spending time with the very beautiful Roz in the bedroom,

I was confident that she could handle herself at my company’s quarterly cocktail party at a high end venue in Sydney. Not only did she handle herself, she was a social hit amongst my colleagues, employees and the other guests and two months later they are still asking after her.

And I’ve got to admit that my ego was in fine form that night with her gorgeous and attentive self on my arm!

Next time I have a function to attend, I won’t even hesitate before booking her to accompany me….my only regret is that I didn’t meet this young woman elsewhere!


With her beautiful smooth alabaster complexion, her hot body and her hazel green ‘come hither’ dreamy bedroom eyes, Roz is the type of woman who is impossible to ignore. By nature, the role of performer and entertainer is a natural fit: her sharp wit coupled with her intelligence and outgoing playful personality makes this charismatic and striking young woman a pleasure to spend time with.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of the world only sees that classy, elegant and well educated exterior of Roz. However, you don’t have to scratch very deep to find the adventurous and uninhibited side of this girl with her healthy love of the sensuous and sexual.

She is fit, toned and full of energy and this sexy girl will be comfortable with both following your lead, or alternately taking control and using her wiles to seduce you.

Roz is certainly well able to teach you a few things that you may not be comfortable to tell your mother about!

Perfect For: Clients with disabilities, dinner outings, overnight bookings, excellent erotic massage, swingers clubs, great ‘girlfriend experience’, intense passionate experiences……

Extras: Threesomes with couples, 1 gent/ 2 ladies, lady/lady (ie bisexual), lesbian doubles, threesomes, receive oral, passionate kissing, sex toys, light B&D, dress ups & fantasies…..