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Radisha is one of those gorgeous women of African descent who cannot be compared to her European sisters. She has those naturally bright eyes that sparkle - sexy, big, beautiful eyes that will grab your attention and pull you in – eyes that don’t need hours of the application of cosmetics.

Her full, swollen lips have never been stung by a beautitian’s collagen fillers – she has lips that will make you want to plant soft sensual kisses upon their natural fullness. Plus this young girl’s skin is healthy, soft, smooth, naturally sun kissed and glows with her good health - and of course it goes without saying that her skin has never needed a tanning salon.

And as your eyes work their way down this exotic beauty’s form, there is no way that you cannot notice the curvy, firm body that Radisha has. Her Caucasian contemporaries constantly strive to shape up their hips, thighs, and lift their butts. But this young woman is naturally blessed with these qualities…. a true hour glass figure, curves in the right places and if you’re a man that likes a significant and firm ‘booty’, then look no further.

And as great as Radisha looks on the outside with her physical qualities, there is so much more that is gorgeous on the inside of this black beauty - so sweet, soft, feminine and sultry…. If these are qualities that you like in your women, just call one of our receptionists on 8284 4955 and they will be happy to assist you with your booking.

I haven’t felt so invigorated and turned on for years.

Radisha has the curves and flesh that I just adore in women, the type of woman that I unfortunately don’t see too often anymore these days but what I consider to be a real woman.

Plus she was so sweet and nice and willing to please – I wanted to take her home with me and keep her forever

Perfect For: Dinner outings, overnight bookings, erotic massage, french lingerie, fantasy wear, double trouble

Extras: Role playing, great massage, fantasy outfits, toys, mutual oral, lesbian doubles.