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I’d read Nastasia ’s profile recently whilst in Paris – although she sounded fantastic, I did take it with a grain of salt as it sounded too good to be true.... But not on this occasion! I see lots of escorts as I travel 9 months of the year, but Nastasia in a class of her own.

Smart, a good and interesting conversationalist, a gorgeous girl that you’d be proud to have on your arm in public, a classy girl all around who also genuinely loves sex and isn’t too shy to let loose and have an uninhibited,’ rip roaring’ time.

I was overdue for some female pampering and my experience with Nastasia could not have been better. She tells me she is soon to leave Paris for a couple of months and is off to Sydney, Australia – my work takes me there regularly so I’ll be trying to contact her once I’m ‘down under’.

I hope to make a night of it this time and take her out to dinner before we adjourn to my ‘boudoir’ (and yes, she has been teaching me some French words!).

I suspect that Nastasia has spoilt me and those lukewarm, just ‘ok’ kind of escort experiences that have been good enough in the past, no longer will suffice. Délicieux! Simon, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


ensual Nastasia is certainly no wallflower. This vivacious, spirited and gregarious young lady comes across sometimes as force of nature! Blushing slightly, Nastasia admits she just loves men – she loves the excitement of meeting interesting, distinguished gentlemen and sharing physical pleasures, intimacies and the finer things in life with them. There is nothing that this gorgeous and confident woman is really afraid of – she is one of those people who embrace the life experience and who just love to laugh


Nastasia originally hails from Eastern Europe although these days she splits her time between the bustling and cosmopolitan cities of Paris and Sydney. Looking at her photos, it’s very easy to imagine why this blonde bombshell is in such hot demand - not only is she a very sexual young woman who adores intimacy and sex, but is also blessed with a beautiful, trim and toned size 8 body with full D cup bust: a perfectly proportioned, classic but petite hourglass figure.

Besides having a ‘to die for’ gorgeous hot body that men lust after and women envy, Nastasia has a sharp intellect. She attended university in Western Europe where she got her degree. She is a professional linguist who speaks and writes in four different languages making her a very ‘sought after’ translator. Nastasia has the entire package: good looks, hot body and intelligence plus she enjoys providing a service that she tells us is second to none!

Nastasia’s time here in Australia will be limited – to make an appointment to see Nastasia in July, we do suggest (although not necessary) that you give us much notice as possible so as to avoid disappointment. To meet this gorgeous European lady, just call one of the reception staff of ‘Sydney Escorts VIP’ on 9319 0397 who will be happy to assist you.

Elite International Escort currently touring France, coming very soon to Australia!