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southern Europe / 5'11" / Age 28

Hi there, my name is Albin, I am 28years old, 5’11” I have a slim body, gorgeous baby blue eyes and dark hair, and my background is from southern Europe. As a person I am warm, friendly, and humble, as well as self confident and have great self esteem.

I love to interact with and treat women well, I am almost always happy and bring joy to life with good energy and intentions. It all feels good and falls naturally. I am always turning negative things into positive. Beside this work I am an artist, singer and song writer. I love music and that’s my number 1 passion in life.......maybe I can sing for you when we meet?

I work as a male escort (100% straight) and have been doing this for a couple of years. I love to satisfy women who want to feel special. Escorting is not just about sex, it’s about having a good time no matter what you want to do.

If you want to have a dinner, go to the horses, theatre, just chatting or be more intimate it’s up to you. I am here to have a good time with you and you with me. Don’t hesitate to call .......are you a little bit shy? That’s ok dear, no worries I will help you out



Age 29

Hi Ladies my name is Alex

I am a fun loving 29 year old with a Muscular Body giving you "Heaven all Night Service".

I provide everything from a non sexual meeting, to a erotic body to body massage or every one hour of nonstop passion or why don’t you have me all night.

So if you have a fantasy why don’t you call and let me know how i can pleasure you, it could be your first time, or needed me to be discreet or you need me to join in for MMF please let me know as i am open minded.

Your Pleasure is My Business!

Please call 02 8284 490.


Armani Giorgio


Hi ladies I am of eastern European background but I was born in Sydney. I have been described as a very articulate and well-mannered gentleman, honest and down to earth. I enjoy every day to the fullest and I think you should too.

Allow me to take your hand and twirl you gently into my arms ... after all it takes two to tango.

Or perhaps you would like soft sensual massage, I am well trained in giving a body to body massage that is like no other, yet at the same time I seek to be attentive to your physical and emotional needs.

I am very comfortable in social environments and engage easily in good conversation...

If you would like to continue this conversation please get in touch with me.

Just call 8284 4955 or 0410 051116 for our rendezvous.

Review: Armani is suave and sophisticated, elegant and attentive…everything a woman wants in her liaison of the night (or the afternoon in my case). We had a sensual romp…my kind of guy!



Australian / 6'1"

Hello Ladies.

I'm Brodie, a 25 year old guy. Sexy, funny and warm hearted but above all great company. I love socialising and give full attention to the date I am with. I will provide you with my absolute presence, very easy going, with a cheeky sense of humour.

I am full of enthusiasm for my work and am very much looking forward to meeting ladies and couples who will fully appreciate my warm and caring personality. I offer a full range of services and I particularly pride myself on offering a very affectionate, passionate experience but if you are a little bit kinky that’s just fine as well!

I totally love the thrill and excitement in meeting new and take time and get to know them.

Intelligent, well-educated and extremely well spoken I have impeccable manners and am always immaculately dressed with a variety of different outfits to suit all occasions whether I am indoors or outdoors.

I have an excellent communication skills and a very joyful presence so I am an ideal date for even the most introvert and shy Lady, I am unfazed by any social situation.

My friends describe myself as caring, reliable, and also the perfect gentleman because of my fun loving attitude.

You will find me very personable as I have a natural ability to relax people and make them feel at ease. Above all I want to make our time together the most pleasurable experience you will ever have.



$450 /5'11-1.81m/Australian/Brunette/Blue Eyes

David is just plain HOT! What a gorgeous young man, spent a couple of glorious hours with him and would definitely do it all again in a moment!

Dark hair and blue eyes are a great combination, shared with a taut and terrific body you can't go wrong.

You want to talk? I am here to listen to you .

. I am fun, charismatic and a true gentleman, this is exactly what you can expect from me. I have been working in the adult industry for over 4 years now and I always deliver a very professional service.

I have experience working as an exotic dancer, a true passion for health and fitness, while also delivering an outstanding customer service. An eagerness for meeting new people has kept me in this role over the years and I look forward to being in it for a while longer. So if you are looking for a fit and handsome companion with loads of stamina, I am your man.



Australian /5'11"

Thanks for taking a look at my profile. My name is Drew, I am confident, outgoing, and spontaneous with a wicked sense of humour, or so I've been told. When you are ready to be entertained and pampered keep me in mind. I have a feeling you'll have an evening you won't forgot for a long time.

You do like what you see, don't you? I'm available for any engagements or just good company including intimacy, romance, emotional and physical connection and understanding for women and couples. Let me know what I can do for you, and I will be yours. Loving life, wanting to offer the ultimate experience!

Fun, friendly and easy to talk to, my aim is to make you comfortable and relaxed so we can enjoy ourselves. Masculine, Fit and Friendly always smartly dressed. Intelligent and with a typical Aussie charm and very at ease with myself.

I have a great personality that I hope makes me a little different and everyone I meet is treated as someone special. I have a great body and like to keep myself looking good and am happy to take the lead or be guided along. I have a very good level of fitness with an excellent athletic physique.

Love most sports, dining out & living life to the full. Call 02 8284 4900 to see me.



5'10" / Age 32 / Athletic

Ciao! I am a Brazilian man with part Italian background the best of both worlds.

I am 5'10" tall with hazel eyes and athletic body; I take very good care of. At 32 I have lived a little, and with experience comes sensuality.

I enjoy nothing more than making you go crazy with passion, but seduce you first with my mind and body and a little romance. I was taught to be respectful and well mannered and to treat a lady the way she should be treated.

Spending a little time with me will be exciting in many ways....

Call 02 8284 4900!



Australian / Age 22 / 6ft

My name is Jack. If you're looking for the company of a sensual and provocative escort, look no further.

I consider myself intelligent, confident, fun and well educated. I have a wonderful personality, built for naughtiness and mischief. I am great at shoulder and back massages. I smile readily and it won’t be long before you feel like you've known me for years. I am comfortable with women of all ages. I enjoy all cultures. I like to be imaginative and this extends to intimacy. I love trying new things and I believe the mind is the sexiest part of the human anatomy.

I cherish discreet and erotically charged encounters and will always respect your confidentiality.

If I have stimulated your interest please feel free to ring and make the arrangements to fulfill your wildest desires. I love making women feel the true value of being appreciated and cherished. I am enthusiastic, full of energy and very athletic. I love going out and enjoy good company. I enjoy movies and going to the gym for my workout sessions, so I can look good for the ladies. I am an outgoing, fun loving kind of guy with a love and passion for life.

If you would like to meet someone for the most fun you have ever had in your entire life then I'm your man! I have endless energy and I love to dine & wine and a lady. I take great joy in pleasing a woman and making her believe she is the only woman on earth. Besides a unique ability to be sociable in all circles of life and taking control of any situation, I am talented at giving massages. In my spare time I surf, love music and spend my time being social and meeting new people. I dare you to take a dive into the unknown with me!

Please call 02 8284 4900.



Hungarian - 6' 1" / 1.86m / Age 25

What Jacob lacks spoken English, he certainly makes up for in sensual communication being a much sought after masseuse.

Very much a cheeky, masculine, muscular guy next door type Jacob is well-travelled and intelligent and very easy to get along with.

Jacob hails from Hungary and, I have to say upon meeting him is better looking than his photos and reminded me of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)! He exudes tenderness, responsiveness and is very quick to smile.

While a muscle bound body and immaculate grooming are part of this, self-confessed, gym junkies day to day, Jacob also does not take it all too seriously. An avid lover of nature and world traveller, he enjoys Women of all descriptions and is very tactile in his response.

Ladies and Couples do not hesitate to enjoy the company and sensuality of this impressive Man



Personal Trainer / Age 31 / 5'11"

Manly, educated Italian/Greek European with a finely sculptured physique which comes from dedication at the gym......I am softly spoken, good natured and polite yet a key difference is the hot blooded power of this strong, muscled, well tuned and responsive body.

You will be quickly put at ease for our intimate encounter with my welcoming smile. One touch of my silky, smooth skin will leave you convinced. No drama, no attitude. I am respectful and caring in general and I'll put you at ease - let yourself go. My experienced hands will soon be all over you.

My focus is to offer you a firm but sensual massage to help you relax, shed the tension and release the emotions. It's all about YOU, so tell me what you'd like, and what you expect. Don't be shy, you might be surprised. I'm open to all suggestions. Pleasure flows both ways. Please call me to make a date for that long deserved special time for YOU. 02 8284 4900



Australian/Jamaican / 6'-1.85m

Mmmmm... I like my men dark and handsome and Jordan is exactly that. It was more like a date than a booking...Jordan is scrumptious!!

Hi, I am the tall, dark and handsome man that you have been looking for. I'm open minded and look after myself, I have a healthy body and a sharp mind, as well as being a good listener and talker. I stay focused in the moment, especially when entertaining the opposite gender.

I'm very caring towards ladies in every way and know it's not all about the sex, but intimacy and friendship are paramount as well. I'm not polished; just a little rough around the edges, but excellent with my hands, which is more important.



Australian / 6ft / Age 35

I believe that my purpose in life is to please women; in whichever way they wish...I'm a fit blue eyed, dark hair Australian with a cheeky smile who loves having a good time. I have a love for the outdoors and sport, both of which keep me fit. I am friendly and passionate and a real romantic at heart. I have a great sense of humour and lust for life. I am a great story teller and can entertain you for hours.

I always look at the light side of life. I have been told that I have healing hands. I love helping women relax through a sensual massage that will tease and turn them on. I am male escort (100% straight) and I am here to fulfill all your desires and fantasies, whilst ensuring you feel safe at all times.

When you are with me you will feel like the most sensual and sexiest women in the world.

I am up for anything – from talking, to listening, to making you laugh – just name it!

So come on, you know you want to meet me now. I dare you to call me...



African American / Age 30 / 6ft 1.82m

Liam is a ruggedly handsome hybrid of Brains and Brawn. With an ability to entice you mentally or command you physically, you are certain to be left with an everlasting smile.

No matter the venue, Dancing, Dining, or Discussion, this sexy African/American has that Deep Penetrating quality you seek.

He is comfortable in all social situations and will prove himself to be the perfect partner, very broad-minded, willing to try virtually anything and has a terrific imagination!

Whether you are looking for an unrushed and sensual "boyfriend experience", a sexy and passionate seducer or wish to play out a favourite fantasy, Liam would be delighted to share your pleasure and fulfil your desires!

If its quality time that you’re looking for its quality time you will get. His cheeky grin and well toned muscular body are irresistible......... but would you expect any less from a U.S. Army Instructor?

Call 02 8284 4900.



Italian - 6' 1" / 1.86m 100 kg PURE MUSCLE

Lucas is a man’s man; he is always horny and likes his sex hard and hot.

He is a Dominant top, has a hard and muscled body and he is into muscle worship, wrestling and role play.

Lucas is definitely not one sided though, as he is also providing vanilla sex coupled with soft and erotic massage.

His repertoire is extensive, from hard core and B & D to light and sensual, just call and we can enlighten you further.



Fit & Muscular

I am tall, dark and handsome with a South American/French background, although I was raised in Australia so I definitely have that laid back Aussie attitude but with a European sensibility.

I am comfortable in most settings be it a function, dinner or the bedroom. Standing at 6'2" with a trim physique, olive complexion, deep brown eyes, short dark hair, and a sexy smile and definitely well hung, I am the perfect companion, in or out of the bedroom. Well mannered with a cheeky personality, I am entertaining and respectful at the same time.

For an evening of smooching and sex give me a call on 02 8284 4900 ....looking forward to meeting you. xxx



Italian / Age 30 / 5’10”- 1.78m

"There is a certain swagger about Italian men that strikes the right balance between arrogant and insecure, manly and boyish, and -- best of all -- sexy and silly,"

Listen up Ladies! I am sultry, suave and know how to flirt but best of all I pay attention to detail. An Italian man with a love for life, good food, wine and cooking, and the rest we will discover together!

You want to talk? I am here to listen to you .

You may find my beautiful Italian accent fun! I love to laugh and make others laugh and I enjoy myself in any situation; munching popcorn at the cinema; having dinner in a restaurant by candlelight; at a party full of people or just hugging on the couch listening to music or watching a movie on TV. I love sports and to keep myself fit, I like to take care of myself and those around me.

With me you can relax, have fun, enjoy, I am friendly, fun and always looking to meet new people. Do not put limits to your imagination............just call me! I am passionate, tender, romantic and able to provide unforgettable moments.



Eurasian / 6'5" / Age 25 / Athletic

I am a young hunky and masculine Eurasian that caters exclusively to women and heterosexual couples who choose to spoil themselves with a professional companion. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or too busy to meet people, or even in happy relationships just looking for a little variety - everyone is different, but we all need affection and fun in our lives! I specialise in the delivering those key components of health and happiness.

I have been described as a stylish and seductive young man who is very affectionate but is always up for a wild night. Not only can I make you feel like the only woman in the world, but also one of the most desirable women in the room during social events.

You may be looking for emotional fulfilment, or a simple hug, a few compliments, a ravishing date to make your friends jealous or a wild night in. As a guy that understands how important a feeling of well being youthful confidence and release is for women, I can help you achieve this all in one session.



Australian/Italian / 5'10"

I had never been with a younger man until tonight. Now I know what I have been missing out on. I feel totally unwound, ready for a deep sleep. But first, a few words of praise for my charming companion. I thought I might feel awkward, but he made it all so easy and natural. Next month when I'm in Sydney, we will do this again.

5'10" of toned muscle from years on building sites, he moves easily from a perfectly attentive dinner companion to the lover of your dreams. He is warm, genuinely friendly, sexy and open minded.

Be seduced by his strong, quiet manner, easy laugh and totally relaxed outlook. He is only Mid 20's, but is totally at ease with women. It's not just his confidence that is so attractive; it's his calm. He loves to relax and unwind you with a gentle back massage, before getting down to deeper levels of connection than you ever thought possible from a simple phone call.

Vito 's family is from Italy so he is fluent in Italian as well as speaking perfect English. Why not start the night with dinner at a good Italian restaurant? If this is your first time seeing a male escort, Vito is your man. Be the centre of his devoted attention. Call our lovely receptionists at VIP escorts on (02) 8284 4955 or 0410 051116 and arrange a couple of hours just for you. Be brave. Misbehave.



Age 29 / 6'2" / Fit & Muscular

Once upon a time (back in the early 80’s) I was born in Paris with a mixed heritage of Spanish/African blood . . . From my Spanish genes come my Latin muscles and from my African genes come my looks – and both are for your enjoyment and pleasure!

I am glad that you’ve stopped web surfing to check out my profile – pause a moment to picture both you and I enjoying some time together, as well as each other physically. I am a masculine, handsome man with a strong muscular physique – all attributes built solely for the enjoyment of the female sex only!

I am visiting Australia for the first time and I can’t seem to get enough of the laid back lifestyle here. I’m also hoping to play a little while here. Please don’t be intimidated by my photos displayed – I only hope that you like what you see and read of me once you’ve regained your composure! I am a down to earth man who wants to charm you and make you laugh.....

I hope my cheeky humour makes you blush, smile and relax in my company – my chief delight is really to see a woman abandon her inhibitions and enjoy herself in response to my attentions. I’d love to enjoy you, for us to laugh together and share a glass of good wine. Spending time together could create warm memories of a lifetime: perhaps fine food and wine then dancing with our bodies pressed close together as we whisper intimacies into each other’s ears.... ahh, both bliss and romance!



Australian / European background / 6'1" / Age 33

Let me introduce myself, my name is Zane I am a 33 year old mixed martial arts professional. I am an eye catching ladies’ man who is strong, healthy, has a high level of endurance, discipline and live life to the fullest with a passion for detail. I am well-traveled, a true explorer with a great sense of humor that loves to have fun.

I am a great listener and communicator, absolutely non-threatening or intimidating.

An intelligent and well-rounded gentleman, I conduct myself with the utmost respect on all occasions, always creative, exciting and polite. Superb for social occasions whether a warm night of friendship or a hot evening that brings out all your passion.

Are you looking for a man who is attentive, caring, fun and who makes his pleasure in fulfilling your every need? Time spent with me is never regretted.

Hazel/Green eyes and light brown hair.