Madam Lash

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Do as you’re told . . . or else . . . Today, I phoned Madam Lash for the 1st time after getting her number from an associate. Upon hearing her voice I was immediately hard in my jeans – she has this very feminine, husky voice that was both authoritative & commanding with a crisp no-nonsense Eastern Euro accent. We talked for a short while about my needs and expectations & I was assured by how experienced she was. The mistress gave me a firm appointment & an hour later I was at her door. Madam Lash is ‘smoking-hot’ in a sexy but untouchable sort of way. She is not tall, but has an imposing and powerful presence about her & has long, blonde hair, fair skin, & beautiful large breasts. Her curvy figure was accentuated by a latex black bodysuit & she walked confidently in the highest of stiletto heels. Her dungeon-like space was on the small side, but perfect for my needs, plus was well equipped. She’s centrally situated, close to the CBD, although she does prefer that her sub missives provide a hotel room. This commanding woman put me through my paces and provided me with bondage/teasing session that had my eyes bulging & toes curling whilst she towered over me in her latex cut-out bodysuit, thigh-high boots, and a push-up lacy bra. I was allowed to tidy up her work space & grovel at those high heeled stiletto boots to show my gratitude at the end of the session. I’m a man that needs her brand of discipline - I'll definitely be back for more! - Jack


Madam Lash uses her experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure...........and release. Surrounded by the smell of her leather corset, intoxicating perfume and the sound of her stilettos, her slave waits, naked, blindfolded and kneeling, bound by soft rope that sends him into erotic euphoria.

"I will indulge you in your deepest desires. Do you wish to be tamed? I am a lioness who will hunt you, claw your back, leave you breathless and wanting more.Have you been naughty? I hope you have been, as I may wish to spank you! Leaving no doubt as to who is your mistress. You will be explored, caressed, aroused and if you are lucky you might be punished, but just a little. You will have all my attention but I expect you to submit and then you will know the full pleasure of sexual fantasy. Call me and we can take the journey together." From $450 - $1000 per hour.

I cherish discreet and erotically charged encounters and will always respect your confidentiality.

To book Madam Lash call 02 8284 4955