Sydney Outcalls Services - Faq’s

Call (02) 8284 4955 or 0410 051 116

How do I pay?

With cash on arrival, credit card, foreign currency or direct deposit. If you are paying credit card you will need to have the card on you and your photo ID. If doing direct deposit you will need to be able to email a copy of the receipt to us when you have completed the transaction. If you have foreign currency we need to know so we can work out the exchange for you.

What is the difference between an in-call and an out-call?

An incall is where you visit a destination for a booking. An outcall is where they come to visit you at your home or hotel, we are OUTCALL ONLY sorry!

Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law?

It is legal and no you're definitely not breaking the law by seeing a lady. In NSW this business is absolutely legal and council regulated.

Is age a problem?

It is not a problem at all! Our escorts are immune to age! They just love men, women or couples of any age that are respectful.

Anal? (Greek)

This is a very specialized service that some escorts do enjoy. The extra charge for this service ranges from $150- $500 per hour depending on the escorts.

Oral without a condom? (Natural French)

This depends on the escort and always at their discretion. An extra charge for this service is from $50 up.

Are all the ladies shaved?

Most of the ladies are fully groomed but you will need to ask individually if that is something that you desire.

Can I climax more than once during my time?

Yes, you are more than welcome to make the most of your time with our escorts.

What do I need to have for the escort?

If you feeling generous our escorts love a treat or two, it is much appreciated but by no means expected. Your presence is enough.

What do I do if I'm running late/early?

Please give us a call to change any arrival times, it is much appreciated. We get a thrown off guard otherwise. WE always endeavor to have your escort arrive at your designated abode on time, but remember there is traffic and circumstances out of our control sometimes.

Can I meet an escort beforehand, or go out for coffee or dinner just as friends?

Our ladies (and guys) don’t see clients outside of bookings. You may hit it off with them and have a really great time together, but by asking an escort to see you outside of a booking will not only make her uncomfortable but you as well. As for meeting and escort beforehand, we understand if you may be nervous, it's completely natural! But it really won’t be as scary as you think so just try to relax and be with an open mind. They don’t bite (unless you ask nicely of course)!

Can I talk to escort before ordering?

Speaking with an escort before placing an order is against the agency policy as it puts the girl in an awkward situation. It may look as if the girl said something wrong or tried to “work out a deal” directly with the client. Either way, it doesn't make her look good in the eyes of the agency. All receptionists have met all the ladies, and have asked in depth questions, so we can speak on their behalf.

Can I get a quickie or a discount?

Our fees are not negotiable but we do offer discounts for longer booking and always have special offers. We don’t offer quickies or exchange of services. The ladies take great pride in getting ready and travelling to your destination. They do expect a level of good manners from you and in exchange will pamper you and leave you feeling great!

Is it OK to have my partner or friend watch?

Yes absolutely! We have many escorts that specialise in couples or voyeurism. We do have special rates for couples and watching. But remember you will need to let us know in advance of the escort arriving. We are not big on surprises!

Is it OK to NOT to say if there is someone else at my place?

We DO need to know who else is in your home or hotel even if they are in their own room asleep and not participating. This is for yours and the escort’s safety.

Why are some girls hiding their faces?

The real question why some of them choose NOT to! With the exception of some escorts, no one wants to put their private business on a public display. Think about it: these ladies lead normal lives; they go to school, hang out with their families and friends, and aspire to achieve their own goals and dreams. As an agency, we respect their right for privacy and expect our clients to do the same. We receive many calls from prospective job applicants and can afford to be very selective. Only the loveliest escorts are invited to join the agency, so you have nothing to worry about!

If I start seeing escorts, how will it affect my dating regular women?

It will probably help! You'll get more experience with women and you'll feel more confident because you're getting some. There will be less pressure to score with your date which will make it less likely that you will ruin it be coming on too early. Then if you do have sex with your date you'll know more tricks and be a more impressive lover.
Isn't it kind of expensive when I can get it for free?

Yes, if you really are getting it for free. Free sex can be a lot more expensive. If you're single you might spend a lot of money on gifts and dates and never get it. When you do then you're expected to be exclusive. Then you have a relationship and have to deal with where the relationship is going. Then there are all the other issues like her family, her friends, her religion, her spending habits, her debts, her TV preferences, her lawyer, her guru, her pets, her shrink, her criminal record, etc. If it's just sex you want, hire an escort!

I want to impress the escort and show her a good time. What's the best way?

Talk to your escort and ask them about how they like it. Ask them what they like and what turns them on. Ask them for permission and follow their instructions. Women and Men are biologically programmed to want good sex and have orgasms. It comes from 3 billion years of evolution. All you have to do is allow it to happen.

How do I make a booking?

Take a look at our gallery to see all of the escorts. Or just call one of our friendly receptionists and she will guide you through the booking process. Our escorts are not all available 24/7 unfortunately, and the ladies have different prices. Best advise it to let us know what attributes you are looking for and price range, then we can guide you from there. Any additional information should be discussed with the receptionist during this conversation (such as extra’s or special dress requirements). Your escort will be with you as close as possible the discussed time at the location you gave the receptionist.

What personal information do you need?

We need your full name and your phone number and mobile preferably. We will also need either your full address or hotel with your room number. If using a credit card we will need an imprint and check your photo ID. Any information you give us is used for the purpose of the appointment and discarded after the booking, we guarantee discretion and none of this information is passed on to anyone other than your chosen escort.

Is using my credit card safe?

Use your best judgment. It probably is not wise to give out your credit card information to an individual escort. However, when dealing with a licensed agency, (like ours is) you protect your privacy and ensure personal safety and security. Licensed agencies have too much money invested into advertising and building their brand and name recognition to risk their professional reputation, merchant account and relationship with city authorities by putting clients at risk. We have to be very diligent with our credit card bookings which is why we always ask for photo ID as well.

What happens when my booking is confirmed?

Once your receptionist has taken your details your appointment has been confirmed, your next communication will be when the appointment begins. When you first meet your escort, please give her the appropriate fee or have your credit card an ID ready. This way the financial aspect is out of the way and you are able to then begin the appointment.

What happens in regards to money?

Please pay the escort the right amount of cash on arrival. Please do not be offended if the escort counts the money you give her. Price does not reflect what takes place during the booking as you are paying for time and companionship only. Do not try to negotiate prices with our escorts. If you fail to pay your escort the right amount when she arrives, she will leave and your number will be blacklisted. If you need to pay with another currency, discuss this with the receptionist at the time of the booking.

What happens if I decide to cancel?

If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. There is a cancellation fee and the ladies travel but if you decide to see another lady (straight away) the cancellation fee (usually) is used towards the next booking. No notification of cancellations may result in future appointments no longer accepted.

Do your escorts see clients with disabilities?

Yes, let us know this at the time of the booking so any special arrangements can be made. We want all of our clients to get the most they can out of their appointment. We recognise that everyone including the physically and intellectually disabled have sexual needs. We have some wonderful escorts who will take the time to interact and ensure that such clients receive the stimulation and pleasure that is their right to receive. We have many regular clients that are disabled and enjoy the services of our ladies, so don’t be shy to call.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not disclose any information or data you provide us with to anyone else, including third parties. Your data will not be passed on and is only used for reference during the booking process, for the overall safety of our escorts. We will not contact you at any time, unless you have discussed this with the receptionist and have arranged for them to contact you.

What if I live a long distance from the CBD?

If you have not booked with us previously we will need to secure the booking with a credit card or you can make a direct deposit into our account via internet transfer then email a copy of the receipt us.

BDSM and Fetishes?

Our beautiful escorts have many special gifts and unexpected talents, so please do not be shy and feel free to call for more information. All the members of our staff are courteous and friendly, so as long as your request is within reason - speak up and we will do our best to fulfill your fantasies!

This is my first time with an escort. What can I expect?

Once you and the Receptionist have made the booking, the lady will arrive directly on your doorstep as close to the arranged time as possible. One of our independent Driver's will provide the ladies transport. After introducing herself she will ask for the fee quoted and then "call-in" to the Receptionist letting her know that all is OK and that her time has started and if any credit card details. A basic "fully inclusive service" comprises of an Erotic Sensual Massage, Oral (both ways) and safe Sex. Of course each lady has her own way of doing things and offer more services but you need to have discussed that with the receptionist before- hand. The appointment usually starts with a Shower, then the Massage and then goes from there but of course this is about what YOU want. So don't be shy and let her know this. At the end of the appointment the lady will "call-out" to let us know she has completed her time and that again all is OK.

Agency vs. Independent

Making a choice between an agency and an independent escort is a personal decision that depends on a number of factors. Appearances can be deceiving, so make sure you learn the facts. Many first-time clients rush into arranging a date with an independent escort in an effort to save money. In reality, you should expect to pay the same or higher amount of money that you would spend with an agency, because by avoiding agency fees, independent escorts take responsibility for their own advertising, screening and security costs.

There are two kinds of independent escorts: those who possess entrepreneurial spirit and prefer to work independently and those who simply “didn't make the cut” during their interviews with the agencies, either because of their looks and personality. You won't know which category your prospective date falls into until she shows up at your door.

Keep in mind that once you find an agency, you have a reliable source of entertainment for months and years to come whereas with an independent you are investing time, money and effort into building a relationship with an individual entertainer. Finally, our agency works hard to cultivate important relationships and offer VIP treatment and discount program to our regular clients, so as a result you will end up having a lot more fun and saving a lot of money in the long run.

After your appointment

Believe it or not we are curious about your thoughts, suggestions and comments. We look forward to listening to your feedback. We firmly believe in the high level service we are expected to provide. We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with some of your impressions about the meeting with your lady. We would like to understand what you liked and what you did not, if the lady met your expectations, or if you would like to give some suggestions for improvement. According to our experience, a satisfied client usually does not give feedback. It would be our pleasure, however, to receive a general feedback from you. We are here to provide the best possible service we can, we wish to keep our good reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the escort business.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Our agency is very professional and we are part of a network of agencies with over 35 year’s experience. We can assure you your booking with us will be discreet and enjoyable. On the web site the escort’s faces are (mostly) blurred or cropped to respect their privacy, just as you would expect us and your escort to respect your privacy. If you have any questions at all, please ask one of our friendly receptionists when you call. Sydney Outcalls strives to maintain the highest quality standards at all times and we take pride in providing our clients with both a top class escort and customer service experience. Our escort models have been hand-picked for both their great looks and warm personalities to ensure your time spent with them is fun and memorable.