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Work with Sydney VIP Escorts Successful Formula for 30 years!

We are the busiest, longest established and one of the most trusted, highly professional prestigious adult outcall agencies in Sydney.

With ONE decision you can move forward now and change the quality of your life forever! “Sydney Escorts VIP” helps empower you with the confidence and knowledge that you need to begin living an extraordinary life that most people only wish for. Part time, full time, temporary employment opportunities available here!

Are you a social, outgoing and attractive lady?

Always wanted to be a jet-setting highly-paid top model? Is your ambition to have fun and make money? Would you like to party with the rich and famous and get paid generously for the pleasure of your company? Why not join Sydney’s “Sydney Escorts VIP”? Our charming ladies lead charmed lives and earn fantastic incomes meeting and spending time with upscale gentlemen at prestigious hotels and residences.

* Your age - must be 18+
* Students, travellers, entertainers, models, career ladies are welcome.
* You must be attractive, a genuine person who enjoys having fun.
* Take excellent care of your body and appearance
* Your personality – you should be charming, upbeat, outgoing and a pleasure to spend time with. If you have attitude problems, you are not qualified to work for our agency.

How We Work:

Our agency will provide you with:

* Transportation to and from the client
* Paid on daily basis
* Assistance with accommodation if required
* Can work on full or part time basis
* Grooming, make up , general appearance tips
* Full training and Working experience provided
* Additional benefits will be discussed during the interview
* Safety and security assured
* ALL our services are 100% safe and protected.

If you possess all the qualities listed above, please email your relevant personal profile information to us via email or fill out the online form.

Please be honest and provide the most accurate information so that we would not end up wasting each other’s time. Or if you prefer, you can phone us to make a confidential appointment. For your convenience we are located near Central Station.

We look forward to meeting you at our discreet office. Come for a coffee and chat, and if we are all comfortable, we can begin training you and start working together. Call us on (02) 8284 4955 or 0410 051 116 to make an appointment.

My Name is Jenny

I entered the escort industry at the age of 20 after making the decision a few years earlier and discovered it to be an empowering, exciting and interesting vocation. I do not think it’s a job that would suit all young girls, but it certainly suited me. Through this work I have learnt diplomacy, assertiveness, sales and negotiation techniques and of course a few skills in the bedroom.In the 3 years I have been in the industry I have never been threatened physically, any client rude enough to be disrespectful has been shown the door, I have never contracted an STD or experienced an unwanted pregnancy, I have not taken drugs other than those prescribed by my doctor, I have completed 2 tafe courses and started a uni course, and met a lot of interesting people on the way.

I see myself as a feminist. I control my life, I chose my profession, I choose what I will and won't do and with whom. I think what people need to remember is that sex workers are people too. I am a decent person with an unusual job. That’s all.

Hi, I’m Shananda

After an unsuccessful job interview, bills mounting and Christmas coming up, I decided to apply for a job working as an escort with Sydney Outcalls over the xmas/new year period. Five years later I can honestly say that holiday period was one of the most interesting, empowering, and rewarding six weeks of my life!

Not only did I pay off my debts, and meet some extraordinary women co-workers, I also came to understand and appreciate men in a way I hadn't before. I also came to understand and appreciate my own body, sensuality and sexuality in a new way. Five years on and I have not one single regret. A lot of the credit for this must go to the “SYDNEY OUTCALLS”, who were strict about best workplace practices and followed the rules set out in the SWOP sex workers handbook. And credit too to my clients who were honest men seeking comfort and pleasure on their way through life.



I have looked at your website and it looks like a nice, classy agency to work for. Your website is nicer than the other agencies that I have looked at.

I have a background in fashion modeling and Make Up Artistry.

I am polite and well spoken. I am 5'9.5 and 52 kg. I have a natural tan and I have natural 10 B bust. I have immaculate presentation, I love fashion and I am always well dressed.

Please see my photos attached.

I am available for an interview any time.

Kind Regards,

Hi I’m Donna.

After 10 years of marriage, and a messy divorce behind me, I found myself single, unsure of the future and suddenly responsible for my own finances, which was a very scary thought. Deciding on a big life change, I resigned from my upper management position and took the leap into the sex industry in the hope that it might help to restore my confidence as a woman, and allow me the chance to be financially independent.

12 months down the track, and it has been an unbelievable ride. My employment as an escort with Sydney Outcalls has been the most enjoyable, enlightening, exciting and satisfying experience of my life. Not to mention the travel, 5 star lifestyle and amazing money! I feel like I know myself better, and I definitely understand men a lot better now. The management went above and beyond the call of duty in teaching me how to be a great escort. They even gave me grooming and fashion tips and as a result I feel and look amazing- it’s even rubbed off onto my life outside of work and my confidence is at a level that I never thought possible. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d take this career path, but I’m certainly very glad I did!