Dangerous Duettes/Double Trouble

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I am a man with a voracious appetite for sex and I guess you could say I’m a bit greedy. One lady was just not going to be enough for me so easy solution – have two. I booked a Dangerous Duette and spent several hours being treated like a sex god by two extremely hot women. They were both pretty gorgeous, a blonde and a brunette with very sexy bodies. They certainly knew how to get my pulse racing and keep me at a level of heightened arousal. They were both very naughty girls who gave me a wild time. I don’t like to brag but neither of them left the room without contended and satisfied smiles on their beautiful faces. - Thomas



Surely every man on this planet has at one time or another dreamed about the most adventurous of fantasies, bedding two gorgeous girls together in an erotic ménage au trois? And there is no reason why those pictures in your head can’t be a reality! Spend time with not just one but two of our delectable ladies – it’s an opportunity not to be missed . . . . imagine two sexy, uninhibited babes soaping each other then both soaping you, and afterwards taking you by the hand to lead you over to the bed. Just watching as they tease and play and nuzzle against you, all of their attentions upon you only . . . . almost too intense to think about! Then surrender yourself to the sheer pleasure of two sizzling hot women as they take you to the heights of ecstasy. Are you brave enough?

The day my divorce was finalized I booked myself not one but two gorgeous ladies to help me celebrate my freedom! I felt very wicked [and a tiny bit apprehensive] as I waited for my Dangerous Duette. And then there they were – a slim leggy blonde and a sexy sultry brunette. Before I could decide how to set the evening going I was taken in hand by my two beauties. I was transfixed by the vision of these 2 sexy babes undressing one another. I was feeling very hot under the collar by now and then it was my turn to be undressed by 2 pairs of soft gentle hands. I was now losing the power of speech I was so overwhelmed. They took turns kissing me passionately and the massaging that followed was mind blowing. They were so uninhibited, exploring each other’s bodies as I watched. Then there were just hands and fingers and lips and tongues everywhere – or that is how it felt! They brought me to such a point of arousal that I managed to put satisfied smiles on both their faces before I exploded. Dangerous ladies indeed. - Roberto

For my 50th birthday I plucked up the courage to fulfill a long held fantasy – to be the plaything of two ladies. By the time my dream became reality I was shaking like a leaf – not sure whether it was nerves or excitement. They were so sweet and girlish and I surrendered my body to their ministrations. It was almost indescribable – the sensation of four soft hands massaging and stroking my body, 2 mouths giving gentle kisses all over me. Both ladies had their wicked way with me and from the sounds of it they were having a really good time. It goes without saying that I was having a fabulous time and those two little minxes carried on working their magic until I was spent and satisfied. I enjoyed it so much I may even do the same again even when it isn’t my birthday. - Michael