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Free on request with every 2 hour booking, you receive “Natural” Aphrodisiacs that will incite your senses and bring a richer and more rewarding intimacy into your sexual life with:

• Increased sex drive

• Effective in less than 30 minutes

• Boosts sexual performance

• Fuller and harder erections

• Increased stamina and endurance

• Quick recharges

Aphrodisiacs quickly tapped into a set of wishful fantasies that mirrored our culture's hunger for gratification. Sexual fantasies in aid with this help opened new aspirations that induced sexual desire, sustained sexual arousal, enhanced the sexual experience, triggered an orgasm and preserved a memory. Even female sexual fantasy of enjoying sex with their partner became real with their partners sexual vitality being enhanced by Aphrodisiacs.

“This wonders have consistently given me firm erections. I never have to worry about losing it during sex and can last as long as I want. I have a new girlfriend who loves sex and she looks at me like I am superman during lovemaking. I reap all the rewards of fully satisfying a woman. I wait a full hour before drinking a glass of wine or it cancels the effect. I have to have stimulation for it to work, but it doesn't take much. I see no need to ever stop taking it.” - Ray