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I’m a bit of a naughty girl and quite often cruise escort web sites, usually just for a bit of a perve! Then I spotted Blair.

Woo hoo just my type- I couldn’t believe it and just had to give her a go. Booking her was easier than I had thought and in the blink of an eye she was in my apartment looking really hot. I was a bit nervous, felt like a schoolgirl virgin!

But she was so easy to get along with, smiley and happy and did I mention what a hottie she is. It felt easy and just like I was with a girlfriend only much better.

By the time we were both relaxed and satisfied I was feeling like I was gorgeous and sexy.


If you want some sexy fun and games with a beautiful woman you need look no further. Blair is an irresistible sun-kissed beach babe. Long, silky blonde hair frames her pretty young face and once you look into her baby blue eyes you will be totally captivated.

Blair is definitely a girl who enjoys life and one of her favourite ideas of fun is playing with the ladies. She is vivacious and outgoing with a ready smile and bubbly personality.

Whether you have seen a lady before or it is to be your very first experience, Blair is sure to please and satisfy. She has an adventurous spirit and her aim is to ensure you have the time of your life.

Just imagine the sensual sensations of touching, stroking, kissing Blair’s beautiful body as she explores every part of you. Experience the special passion of a sexy woman totally dedicated to you.

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