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Araceli is pretty hot stuff. She was enthusiastic in the bedroom, very passionate and not at all inhibited.

She played with me using lips and tongue, fingers and her beautiful breasts. She would bring me to the boil and then pull me back from the brink over and over.

As you can imagine and without going into too much detail, at the end of this erotic and tantric experience I had what can only be described as an explosive and hugely satisfying climax. Well worth another visit.


It is not easy to put pen to paper to describe this exceptional young woman in her early 20’s. What components of Araceli’s being contribute towards making her the striking woman that she is? Is it her flawless radiant skin that turns heads or her finely sculpted facial features? Is it her slight smile, dazzling white teeth or perhaps her perfectly proportioned trim and toned figure? Is it Araceli’s outward appearance that turns the heads of both men and women? Or does a beauty from deeper within emanate and contribute towards her noticeably striking, but girl next door naïve kind of prettiness? Despite the fact that beauty is indeed seen through the eyes of the beholder, with Araceli your first impression will not prove to be misleading or a façade – you will see that deep inside this magnetic young woman is another kind of beauty which when combined with her surface beauty makes her irresistible.

Araceli is no girl/child. She is a gorgeous grown woman in her early 20’s who enjoys the many intimacies and pleasures of lovemaking. She chooses to be an escort and rarely calls what she does as an escort in the sex industry ‘work’. With her healthy libido and genuine interest in people, the sexuality of both men and women is a never ending font of interesting knowledge, intimacy and sexuality for Araceli to explore with both her male and female clients.

Sultry, seductive and sensual, Araceli will delight in bringing you the pleasure you’re craving and know that you deserve. To spend time with this most enthusiastic of courtesans just call our friendly reception staff.

Perfect For: Passionate, Para/Quad, Receive Oral, Fantasy Outfits, Dinner Outings, Exotic Dancing.

Extras: 1 Lady/2 Gents, Lesbian Doubles, Lady to Lady, Couples, Swapping, Striptease